Academic Affiliates

Green Renewable Energy Engineering (GREEN) at George Washington University

The center for Green Renewable Energy Engineering (GREEN) has the mission to research and investigate solutions towards creating a cleaner, secure, and smarter planet. Our projects focus on energy reduction, cost savings, and pollution reductions for local and global challenges. We believe in the power of unconventional approaches to challenges and fearless engineering. Our multidisciplinary team draws on expertise in computational modeling, electrical and mechanical engineering, network security, materials science, nanotechnology, physics, thermodynamics. The center is lead by director Prof. Dr. Sorger (lab’s web page).

UC Solar

UC Solar Logo w on blue

The University of California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute (UC Solar) is a multi-campus research institute made up of faculty from the University of California’s Merced, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Davis, San Diego, Riverside, Santa Cruz, Irvine and Los Angeles campuses. UC Solar was established by a grant from the University of California Office of Research and officially launched in 2010. Headquartered at UC Merced, UC Solar creates technologies that make solar energy systems more efficient, more affordable, and the best choice for the people of California and the world. In addition, UC solar educates and develops tomorrow’s solar energy leaders and entrepreneurs.

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