Storage Integrated Thermophotovoltaics (SISTPVs)

Dr. Anand Veeraragavan

Professor, Mechanical and Mining Engineering,
The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia


Anand Veeraragavan graduated with a B.Tech in aerospace engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-Madras) in 2002. He obtained his MS (2006) and PhD (2009) degrees in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland. His PhD research focused on understanding flame stabilization in microscale combustors by developing a non-intrusive diagnostic technique based on FT-IR spectroscopy to make temperature measurements inside a silicon walled combustor. He also created a detailed analytical model that accounted for conjugate heat transfer to predict flame speeds in a channel. After his time as a postdoctoral associate in the Device Research Lab at MIT, he worked as a combustion technologist for GE Energy in the US. At GE, he worked primarily on designing the next generation, land based, heavy duty, gas turbine engine combustors focusing on cost, operability, reliability and emissions and also completed his lean Six Sigma Greenbelt certification at GE. His research interests include:

  • Renewable and non-renewable energy systems (coal/gas combustion, geothermal and solar energy) for power generation
  • Hypersonics propulsion/combustion
  • Simple analytical modelling of fundamental processes in heat transfer
  • Optical diagnostics using FT-IR, far IR and other techniques to make temperature and flow measurements
  • Solar thermal and solar photovoltaic technology development
  • HVAC systems design and optimization

Talk Abstract

Storage integrated solar thermophotovoltaic (SISTPV) systems will be discussed in this seminar. These systems combine thermophotovoltaic (TPV) technology and high temperature thermal storage phase-change materials (PCM) in the same unit, providing a great potential in terms of efficiency, cost reduction and storage energy density. The main attraction in the proposed system is its simplicity and modularity compared to conventional Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies. The talk will cover the optimum system configurations and  the general guidelines for designing these systems.

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