ENG (SERC): 2-4772 – Harnessing the Power of Sun: Science and Technology of Solar Photovoltaics

Faculty - Incharge:

Dr. Bala Pesala.


Course Details

Module I: Introduction to solar cells

Week 1Introduction to Solar energy: Sun spectrum, Solar Insolation, Air-Mass definitions
Week 2Solar cells Introduction, Black body radiation derivation
Week 3Introduction to Semiconductors: Direct/Indirect band gap semiconductors
Week 4Quantum mechanics, Bravais lattices, Energy band structure of solids and band diagrams
Evaluation - I

Module II: Solar cell theory, design and modeling

Week 5Basic semiconductor electronics: Diodes, transistors, heterostructures
Week 6PN diodes: Detailed modelling
Week 7Silicon Solar Cells: Detailed design and modeling
Week 8Silicon solar cell Fabrication
Week 9Silicon Solar Cells: Various Designs
Evaluation - II

Module III: Second and Third Generation Solar cells

Week 10Thin film solar cells (CdTe, CIGS etc.)
Week 11Organic Solar cells and Dye Sensitized Solar cells
Week 12Multi-junction solar cells
Week 13New designs of solar cells
Evaluation III

Module IV: Solar Thermophotvoltaics and System Design

Week 14Solar Thermophotovoltaics
Week 15Solar PV/Hybrid systems
Week 16Designing solar systems for grid-connected/decentralized power generation
Final Evaluation


Solar Photovoltaics: Fundamentals, Technologies and Applications  Author : Chetan Singh Solanki
1) Solid State Physics: Kittel
2) Physics of Semiconductor Devices: Sze and Ng
3) Quantum Mechanics: Griffiths

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