CSIR SERC Campus consisting of SERC ( and CMC( has excellent facilities for Research and Development in the area of Renewable Energy.

Areas of Research

Solar Energy

  • Solar PV
  • CSP Technologies
  • Solar Thermal
  • Solar Trackers
  • Solar Power Monitoring

Energy Storage

  • Fuel Cells
  • Lithium ion Batteries
  • Super Capacitors

Wind Energy

  • Design of Wind Turbine blades
  • Wind body aerodynamics

Renewable Energy Structures

  • Design of mounting structures for Solar PV and Solar Thermal

Energy monitoring and Instrumentation

  • Power Electronics
  • AC and DC meter design
  • Building automation
  • MPPT and Charge Controllers
  • Remote monitoring using wired and wireless technology

Bio Energy

  • Microbial conversion of plant derived biomass into bio-fuels
  • Pre-treatment technologies to render lignocellulosic material more accessible to enzymes, hydrolysis of polysaccharides to sugars, conversion and extraction of biofuels
  • Microbial fuel cell/ Microbial electrolysis cell
  • Microalgal biofuels
  • Thermo-chemical, chemical and catalyst conversion of biomass/gasification
  • Bio-energy systems engineering

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