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Shri. C. RaghuramE-Hands-Energy

President & CEO E-Hands Energy Private Ltd

About Speaker

Raghuraman C is Founder President and CEO of E-hands Energy (India) Pvt.Ltd. He is an alumnus of IIT-Roorkee and Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. He founded E-hands Energy a for-profit social enterprise in 2009. E-hands Energy stood among the best 4 clean energy enterprises in Asia, Showcased by Asian Development Bank and also recognized as one of the Global Innovation Showcasing Social Enterprises at SOCAP2015. His career track has good leadership / CXO positions in leading, global organization in the space of automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics component, IT / ITeS and Telecom. His first venture was on rural wireless telecom. His story of life is featured in the book “My Life, My Choice”.

Talk Abstract

He started the talk with importance of renewable sources and clean energy conversion like solar photovoltaics, wind energy, fuel cells. He extended his talk with problems of electricity in rural areas and explained about the products and projects done to solve the problems in rural, high altitude regions of Himalayas with renewable energy solutions by E-hands Energy. He explained about solar home system for rural house hold with poor grid connectivity and street vendors in need of lighting for business. He also discussed about solar wind hybrid system, off- Grid hybrid system, Hybrid system (for border areas) installations done in different places in India. He explained about pioneering technology and Innovation like High voltage DC optimizer for thin clients which saves energy by eliminating conversion losses, 220V DC Technology for smart gird with solar and wind hybrid (though standards are not clearly stated in DC) which enables use of off-the-shelf appliances, Innovations like solar powered cooling for dairy products, interfaces to charge Li-Ion battery bank with solar power and battery bank to solar lighting system. He also gave a brief of E-hands going projects like solar installation at schools (in Zari, Maharashtra) and Impact of E-hands Energy like 2250 tons of carbon emission reduction because of installations done till date like smart girds, hybrid systems, solar street lamps, house hold lighting etc.

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