Quantifying the Capacity Value & Economics of Distributed Energy Storage for Photovoltaics

Dr. Volker Sorger

Assistant Professor
George Washington University
School of Engineering and Applied Science Electrical and Computer Engineering
Washington D.C


Volker J. Sorger is an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The George Washington University in D.C. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. from the University of California – Berkeley in 2011 and University of Texas at Austin in 2005, respectively, where he conducted research in the fields of nanoscale opto-electronics and plasmonic devices. His current research areas include enhanced devices with enhanced light-matter-interactions in plasmonics and nano photonics, and ultrafast switching and modulation for photonic integrated circuits and extreme low power data communication. Among his achievements are his pioneering contributions on Nano scale waveguides (Nature Phot. 2008, Nature Comm. 2011) and the first demonstration of a semiconductor Plasmon laser (Nature 2009). He was nominated by U.S. Advisory Committee to the international Commission of Optics for the best student paper in 2010 to name a few. Concluding his achievements, he published more than 5 papers in prestigious journals like the Nature Publishing Group and Science, holds a patent on nano laser technology and his research has been highlighted by various media and press coverage across the globe.

Talk Abstract

The talk will feature current advancements in the area of nano opto-electronics, nano-wire technology, novel materials in solar fabrication, the economics of distributed PV systems and methods to improve the efficiency of Solar panels using nano-wire technology.

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