Nanomaterials: Properties, Synthesis and Applications & Electrochemical Energy Storage

Dr. P. Elumalai

Associate Professor
Pondicherry University


Dr. P. Elumalai is an Associate Professor working in Pondicherry University. He finished his Ph.D Degree in the year 2003 at IISc Banglore. His specialization is Electro chemistry and some of his Area of Specialization and Interest are Lithium Batteries, Supercapacitors, Fuel Cells and Automotive Sensors. Dr. P.Elumalai  has more than 20 research papers to his credit. He is a recipient of many presitigious awards Fast-track grant for young scientists, A special recognition award for young ceramist by ceramic society of japan (2006).

Talk Abstract 

The lecture discussed about the salient features of nanomaterials. The optical, physical, chemical and electrical properties of nano materials were discussed. The talk emphasized on the role of nanomaterials in Li Ion batteries. Various methods of synthesis of nanomaterials were also explored.


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