Fuel Cells – “Powering the world”

K. S. Dhathathreyan

Centre for Fuel Cell Technology,
International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI)


Dr K S Dhathathreyan received his Ph.D from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He was a recipient of Alexander von Humboldt fellowship. After several years of Post-doctoral work abroad, he returned to India and has been engaged in Research, Development and Demonstration of various Hydrogen Technologies (Fuel cells, Hydrogen storage materials, Hydrogen sensors, Hydrogen production and electric vehicles) during the last 23 years.

Dr Dhathathreyan is part of several scientific bodies in India and abroad and has published more than 80 research papers in international journal and conferences, and has delivered more than 100 invited lectures. He has written 6 book chapters and has 28 patents / patent applications. He has handled 26 research projects in various capacities. Besides hydrogen technology development, his research interests include materials science, nano-technology, polymer science, batteries, and renewable energy.

Talk Abstract

Globally, there is a continuous increase in demand for every form of energy. Depletion of fossil fuel reserves has been a serious concern and the gap between supply and demand continues to increase. Every government is looking at different forms of renewable energy technologies to reduce the gap between supply and demand, reduce dependence on fossil fuel, decrease the greenhouse gas emission in power generation and transport, improve air quality especially in urban areas, improve the health of villagers by providing alternative/ improved methods for cooking, provide electricity to villages in remote areas and for sustainable overall development. In addition, the need for transportation fuel is also on the increase especially in the developing countries.

Fuel cells have been demonstrated in many applications from small electronic items to large power generation units in the range from few watts to MW power. Demonstration of fuel cells in transport application is being carried out by almost all major automakers. There is a concerted effort across the globe to address three major issues which have retarded the large scale deployment of fuel cells viz., cost, durability and hydrogen supply chain. The talk will provide an overview of the status of fuel cell technologies and various demonstration programs around the world. Status of Indian effort will also be presented.



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