ENG (SERC): 3-4773: Design of Structures for Renewable Energy

Faculty - Incharge:

Dr. Saptarshi Sasmal, Dr. P. Harikrishna.


Course Details

Module I: Structural Analysis - Static and Dynamic

Week 1Matrix methods-I
Week 2Matrix methods-II
Week 3Statistically Indeterminate structures-I
Week 4Statistically Indeterminate structures-II
Week 5Buckling problem
Week 6Basics of structural dynamics
Evaluation - I

Module II: Application of Finite Element Techniques for Structural Analysis

Week 7Types of elements and their properties
Week 8Element stiffness matrix
Week 9Global stiffness matrix
Week 10Numerical computation and Convergence criteria
Evaluation - II

Module III: Support Structures for Wind and Solar Energy

Week 11Different forms and arrangements, functional requirements
Week 12Loads and Design concepts -I
Week 13Loads and Design concepts-II
Week 14Design of support structures for wind turbines-I
Week 15Design of support structures for wind turbines-II
Week 16Design of support structures for solar PV panels-I
Week 17Design of support structures for solar PV panels-II
Evaluation - III

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