ENG (SERC): 3-4771: Solar Photovoltaics: Power Electronics, Power Transmission and Energy Monitoring

Faculty - Incharge:

Shri. Kota Srinivas, Dr. Bala Pesala, Shri. G.S. Ayyappan, Shri. Suriya Prakash.


Course Details

Module I: Introduction to Power electronic devices

Week 1Introduction to solar PV sytems, diodes, transistors
Week 2Op- Amps, thyristors, IGFET, IGBT's, Power Voltage characteristics
Week 3DC-DC Converters
Evaluation - I

Module II: Power electronics systems

Week 4Micro-controllers/Embedded controllers, Converters and Inverters, charge controllers, single phase/three phase systems
Week 5Introduction to control systems
Week 6Maximum power point tracking
Week 7Control of hybrid systems (Solar+Wind, Solar + Diesel)
Evaluation - II

Module III: Power monitoring

Week 8Building blocks of Power monitoring and electrical/electronic instrumentation (VT's, CT's)
Week 9Smart AC/DC power meters including power quality
Week 10Standards in the power monitoring
Week 11Smart power monitoring systems (wired network based systems)
Week 12Remote monitoring: Wireless technologies (GSM/Wi-fi/Zig-bee) and smart power meters
Evaluation - III

Module IV : Smart grid sytems

Week 13Introduction to HVAC-HVDC Transmission, Transmission Lines
Week 14Introduction to Smart grid systems
Week 15Grid connection topologies/super grids/Micro/Mini grids for renewable energy
Week 16Solar PV balance of systems
Week 17Cost analysis and utility of AC/DC systems and course Wrap-up


  • Power system engineering, Authors: Kothari, Nagrath
  • Electrical power systems: M.N Bandhopadhyay
  • Micro-controllers/Embedded systems
  • BOS (Solar PV textbook)
  • Power electronics: PC Sen
  • Power electronics Hand book : Muhammad H Rashid
  • Power Electronics Design : A Practitioner’s Guide : Keith H. Sueker
  • Energy Management Handbook Turner
  • The electric power enegineering handbook: L L Grigsby

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