ENG (SERC): 3-4770: Solar Thermal Technologies

Faculty - Incharge:

Dr. Bala Pesala, Prof. Srinivas Reddy


Course Details

Module I: Overview and Basics (Solar Thermal Systems Introduction and Thermodynamics)

Week 1Solar Thermal Systems Introduction
Week 2Heat Transfer Basics
Week 3Thermal Energy Storage

Module II: Solar Concentrators, Collectors and Storage Systems

Week 4Solar Collectors
Week 5-6Solar Concentrators
Week 7-9Non-Imaging Optics
Week 10Solar Power Plants

Module III: Decentralized Solar Thermal Energy Applications

Week 11Solar Cookers
Week 12Solar Powered Water Purification
Week 13Solar Cooling and Drying

Module IV: Hybrid Solar PV and Thermal Systems

Week 14Solar PV Thermal Systems
Week 15Solar ThermoPhotovoltaics

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