ENG (SERC): 2-4771 – Renewable Energy Sources for a Sustainable Future

Faculty - Incharge:

Dr. Bala Pesala, Dr. Sophie Carmalin, Shri. K. Srinivas, Dr. Saptarshi Sasmal


Course Details

Module I: Non-renewable and renewable Sources

Week 1Renewable Energy Introduction, Climate change discussion
Week 2Thermodynamics Basics, Non-renewable energy sources
Week 3Solar PV and Thermal, Wind, Geothermal, Hydro
Week 4Biomass: Need, Sources
Week 5Clean Energy from biomass briquette
Evaluation - I

Module II: Instrumentation for Power/Energy Monitoring

Week 6Instrumentation basics (Sensors, data loggers etc)
Week 7Electrical/Electronic instrumentation
Week 8Optics instrumentation/Instrumentation for environmental
Week 9measurement (Temp, humiditwind etc)
Evaluation - II

Module III: Engineering Mechanics, Structural considerations for RE

Week 10Basics on mechanics of materials and structures
Week 11Introduction to structural design
Week 12Finite element modelling, analysis and interpretation
Week 13Simulation of RE structures
Evaluation - III

Module IV: Decentralized Hybrid Power basics, Costing

Week 14Decentralized hybrid power: Solar + Wind + Biomass
Week 15Costing of Renewables and comparison with non-renewables
Week 16Business models for making Renewable energy affordable
Week 17Course Review: Key take-outs
Final Evaluation (Seminar Presentation and Report)


Course Details
Module I and IV: Non-renewable and renewable Sources, Decentralized Hybrid power
Textbook:  Solar Energy: Fundamentals, Design, Modelling and Application Author: G. N. Tiwari
1) Solar Energy : Principles of Thermal Collection and Storage
Authors: S. Sukhatme, J Nayak
2) Bioenergy and Biofuel from Biowastes and Biomass Author: Samir. K. Kanhal
3) Thermochemical Processing of Biomass: Conversion into Fuels, Chemicals and Power Author: Renate Schubert 
Module II: Instrumentation for Power/Energy Monitoring
Textbook: Electronic instrumentation and measurement techniques Author: David Cooper
1) Instrumentation measurement and feedback Author: Jones
2) Hand book of sensors and actuators -Measuring current voltage and power Author: S. Middelhoek
3) PC based instrumentation an control Author: Mike Tooley
4) Measurement and instrumenation principles Author: Alan S Morris
5) Instrument engineers handbook Author:  Liptak BG
6) Sensor Technology Handbook Author: Jon S Wilson
Module III: Engineering Mechanics, Structural considerations for RE
Textbook: Structural Mechanics Authors: R. HULSE and J. A. CAIN
1) Structural Analysis Authors: R.C. COATES, M.G. COUTIE and F. K. KONG
2) Mechanics of Materials Authors: S.P. TIMOSHENKO and J. M. GERE
3)  Concept and applications of finite element analysis Authors: R.D. COOK, D.S. MALKUS and M.E.PLESHA

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