Aesthetics – A preview

Rajny Krishnan 

Freelance Artist,  Sculptor, Designer


With a unique blend of the cultural and modern art and aesthetics, RAJNY KRISHNAN is a freelance artist, sculptor, designer with an  eagerness to blend art and design with scientific invention.

Trained in Kalakshetra- College of arts, Stella Maris College and having worked with eminent artist and sculptor (Late) Kalasagaram Rajagopal in over a dozen life- sized bronze sculpture portraits and other sculptural commissions a spiritual leaning has kept the creative fires burning in the other art forms too such as Painting, writing and teaching and exhibitions of her work. Currently teaching Graphic arts in IIT-M, and conducting art workshops in Art- studios and other colleges such as Stella Maris, S.I.E.T etc., she feels her strengths lie in identifying artistic possibilities in students and their research proposals and honing them towards their innate strengths to give creative and aesthetic form to their ideas; and with suitable support oversee it up to its actualization.

Talk Abstract

The world of product design has changed over the past decades. An appreciationof pleasure in product use is fast becoming of primary importance to both consumer and industry design alike. Consumers demand functionality, expect usability and are seeking products that eleicit feelings such as pleasure or strike a certain emotional chord. The aesthetics of the product, the way it looks, the feel of the material, the tactile response or more abstract feelings give pleasure. Aesthetics, ergonomics and technology make the vital triangle of design. 

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