Dr. Bala Pesala

Senior Scientist, Central Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research Institute and Assistant Professor at Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research

Area of Expertise

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Solar energy, Tera hertz imaging, optical communications, micro/nano fabrication of photonic devices, simulation of complex fluid flows

Electrical engineer with experience in building next generation optical systems and micro/nano fabrication of photonic devices. Obtained minor degrees from Berkeley in nanotechnolgy and business.

Served as co-president of nanoclub for the year 2005-2006 and was part of executive committee for optical society of America and STEP (Science, Technology and Engg and policy) student clubs at Berkeley.

Honors and Awards

Demetri Angelakos memorial achievement award 2009
Awarded by Electrical engineering and computer sciences department, University of California, Berkeley

Rafael Rodriquez- Golden age scholarship 2003-2004, UC Berkeley

Silver medal for the highest GPA in department of Aerospace engineering, IIT Madras at the end of 5Years

Best paper award in Slow and Fast light topical meeting 2007
Title: Electrically tunable slow and fast light in semiconductor optical amplifiers

Best paper award in 8th Technical Session of the Madras-India Regional Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America, 2002
Title:“Exact Harmonic Solutions for Acoustic Fields in Variable Area Ducts and Curvilinear Geometries”

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